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Jimmeka L. Anderson, Ph.D.

Author, National Media Literacy Leader, And 

Award-Winning Community Youth Programmer

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction (Urban Education)

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Founder & Executive Director 

I AM not the MEdia, Inc.


The Black Girls Film Camp

Project Manager

National Association of Media Literacy Education

Project Fellow

New America - Cyber Citizenship Initiative


Media Literacy Consultant

9 Story Media Group

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Released- August 2022

Helping readers understand the challenges and barriers faced by teens in urban communities, this one-of-a-kind resource offers real-world recommendations, case studies, and experience-based programmatic solutions for fostering crucial media literacy skills.

Good Morning 
America - GMA3  
Interview Feature

Co-founder of Black Girls Film Camp is helping young filmmakers succeed

Dr. Jimmeka Anderson is featured on Good Morning America with teen, Khloe Thompson, to discuss her inspiration for starting the Black Girls Film Camp.


Tavis Smiley Show
KBLA 1580 AM   
Interview Feature

Black girls and women representation in the media.

Dr. Jimmeka Anderson joins Tavis Smiley to discuss the importance of representation and diversity among women in the media industry and to talk about the Black Girls Film Camp.

Washington Post-
The New Normal  
Interview Feature

5 tips to spot misinformation and prevent its spread.

Dr. Jimmeka Anderson joins psychologist Nadia Brashier in an interview with Washington Post's Nicole Ellis to provide tips for identifying misinformation and preventing its spread.

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